Our Story

Canvas was created with a burning question in mind: could we help everyday people, everywhere create long-lasting health? To unhook fad diets or temporary cleanses.

We started with a central problem that is so obvious it's easily overlooked: over 20% of the U.S. population suffers from digestive health issues. Just think about it. When's the last day you've gone without feeling some sort of discomfort or upset inside?

Like most people, you probably just chalk it up to "normal" ... but it turns out, it's not. Our digestive health is the foundation of our overall well-being and in order to thrive we need one key essential nutrient that has been significantly stripped from our diets. Fiber. In fact, only ~3% of the population is meeting the daily recommended intake.

We started Canvas to tackle this head on.

By addressing health from the inside out, we created a solution that promotes balance and vitality where we need it most: the gut. We've taken the highest quality and most effective plant fibers and ingredients and turned them into a beverage that is more than just calories. It's nourishment that works for you.

The impact is clear: a happy gut translates into better overall health.

We believe that the best way to impact your health is through the natural power in food. We also believe that everyone has the right to extraordinary health.

So it's a no-brainer. We had to create Canvas.

Fun Fact On Our Name:
The name “Canvas” comes from our gut microbiome being a blank slate when we’re born. As we grow and are exposed to food and the environment, our microbiome develops into it’s own unique ecosystem. There is no one on the planet with your exact microbiome. (Crazy!).

The incredible thing is, we can impact the vitality and health of our microbiome through the foods we eat. Now go create your Canvas!


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