Where Can I Buy Canvas?
You can buy Canvas here on our website as well as select stores throughout the U.S. Want Canvas in your favorite stores? Let us know -- we'll work on bringing it to you. Just shoot us an email at: hello@drinkcanvas.com

My Local Store Doesn't Carry Canvas. What Can I Do? 
First, speak to the Grocery Manager where you shop or leave a note in the Comments/Feedback box at the store letting them know you’d love to see Canvas on the shelf. You can also shoot us a note at: hello@drinkcanvas.com and we'll reach out to them directly. Until then, you can buy Canvas on our website and we will ship it cold right to your door. 

What Form Of Payment Can I Use?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Discover and PayPal.

Do You Offer Free Shipping?
Not at this time. We ship your Canvas cold in temperature-controlled layers and offer the best flat-rate available. Sign-up for our email list and stay tuned for free shipping promotions.

When Can I Expect My Order?
We do our best to ship your order the next business day after your order was placed. Once your order leaves our facility, you can expect delivery within 3-5 business days.

Where Do You Ship?
We currently only ship in the U.S. For those outside of the U.S., our team is working to expand our capability for shipping worldwide. Please stay tuned. 

What Is Canvas?
Canvas is a prebiotic fiber and plant protein shake. Each bottle of Canvas contains 11 grams of fiber, 8 grams of complete plant protein, and energizing MCTs (from coconut). Our shakes are made from premium plant ingredients such barley, coconut, cashew, and herbs and spices (like turmeric). They’re sweetened only with coconut, contain no artificial ingredients, are dairy free, soy free, 100% plant-based, and make for a perfect breakfast or mini meal on-the-go.

What are Prebiotics?
Prebiotics are a unique type of plant fiber that feed the 'good' bacteria or microflora in your gut. These good microflora are often referred to as probiotics. Prebiotic fiber helps create balance and vitality in the digestive tract.

What is Fiber?
Dietary fiber is a nutrient in plant foods that travels through our digestive system and helps speed up the elimination of toxins in our colon. It is found in various foods, particularly cereal grains like barley. Studies have shown that a diet high in fiber may help support the reduction of blood sugar levels, appetite, the risk for diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

How much fiber per 11.5 oz bottle?
Our fiber + protein shakes contain 11 grams of fiber per bottle, and a mix of both insoluble and soluble fiber. The Daily Value of fiber is 28 grams.

What type of protein is in Canvas? 
Spent grain isolate is the primary source of protein in our barley milks. By combining grain and legume (peas) protein sources we are able to achieve a complete plant protein. A complete protein is a protein that contains an adequate proportion of all nine of the essential amino acids. Canvas fiber + protein shakes contain 8 grams of protein per bottle.

What are MCTs?
MCTs are Medium Chain Triglycerides. This type of fat is quickly digested into ketones, which can be used as a source of energy. They occur naturally in coconut.

What type of sugar do you use?
We use coconut sugar. Coconut sugar comes straight from the sap of coconut palm, is minimally processed, contains important minerals and nutrients, and is low in fructose (3% to 9%). Regular cane sugar is about 50% fructose, while agave is 70% to 97% fructose.

What accounts for the sodium content in your products?
The sodium comes from sea salt, which contains minerals and is used to emphasize certain flavors in our ingredients.

What are the “natural flavors” listed on your ingredients list?
Our natural flavors are a blend of natural food extracts, made from real food ingredients to emphasize and enhance flavor. Our special and proprietary blend differentiates Canvas from other beverages.

Where does the matcha in your Matcha flavor come from?
Our matcha comes from Japan.

What kind of coffee do you use in your cold brew coffee?
Our coffee is made with Fair Trade certified coffee from countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Do all of your shakes contain Tree Nuts?
Yes. Each flavor of our shakes contain tree nuts (coconut and cashews). 

How long do your products stay fresh?
Our products should be consumed by their expiration date, which can be found on the bottle, and should always be kept refrigerated. We recommend drinking them within 7 days of opening.

Does my product need to be refrigerated before opening?
Yes – our fiber + protein shakes are perishable and must always remain refrigerated. Please refrigerate as soon as you receive them and refrigerate them after opening. Consume within 7 days of opening. 

Are your bottles recyclable?
Yes, they are (#1 PET). Please recycle according to your local recycling program.

How do you ship the barley milk?
We ship our shakes in an environmentally responsible alternative to Styrofoam. The bottles are kept cold with frozen gel packs. 

Is Canvas shipped to me in styrofoam?
We never use Styrofoam to ship Canvas.

Where Do I Find The Nutritional Facts for Canvas?
You can find the nutritional facts and ingredients for each flavor of Canvas on the product page of each flavor. 

Is Canvas Vegan?
Yes, Canvas is vegan :) 

Does Canvas Contain Dairy? 
No, Canvas is dairy-free! :) 

Does Canvas Contain Allergens?
Yes, Canvas contains coconut, cashews, and gluten. 

Can I Return My Canvas?
If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, please reach out to us at hello@drinkcanvas.com. Our customer service team will be happy to either replace your purchase or issue you a refund. We strive to always deliver the highest quality products and service to you at all times 

How Do I Start An Auto-Subscription?
You can subscribe and save 6% on any Canvas products. Simply purchase by clicking the subscribe discount case of your choice when adding to your cart. Canvas will be automatically billed and shipped every 30 days to you. Convenient nutrition delivered cold to your door so you will never be without your Canvas. 

Can I Edit My Subscription?
You can make changes to your subscription at any time. You will receive an email after your subscription order that will have instructions on how to make edits to your monthly subscription. 

If there are any additional questions, please email us at hello@drinkcanvas.com and we will be happy to help! 

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