What The Heck Are Prebiotics?

Picture your family gathering at the holidays, waiting for the food to come out from the kitchen. You are surrounded by people you love and everyone is happy to be there, but they are a bit fidgety, impatient, and dare I say hangry.  Well, the same thing is happening inside of you. Your digestive ecosystem, known as your microbiome, actually has a whole family of symbiotic microflora (i.e. good bacteria, probiotics) hanging out. They are there to keep your gut, and quite frankly you as a whole, balanced and happy. But the thing is, they need prebiotics as much as your family needs the holiday feast to show up on the table, because they are starting. Prebiotics help the healthy microflora thrive. They are their food, their fertilizer.

Prebiotics were first identified and named by Marcel Roberfroid in 1995 (thanks, Marcel!).  He knew that the microflora in our microbiome played a major role in our overall health.  But as other researchers were focused on improving the microbiome through probiotics, our buddy Marcel uncovered that some of our non-digestible fibrous foods were actually more beneficial to the microflora… and declared that they should be called prebiotics. And that prebiotic fiber not only feeds microflora, it help them reproduce in mass! That transformation has a significantly positive impact on the microbiome.

Ok, so back to that holiday stress... when it is taking way too long to serve dinner, I’m sure you’ve seen grandma steal some cookies from the dessert table just to get by. Well, your microflora does the same if you’ve haven’t provided a sufficient buffet of prebiotics. It starts to eat away at the mucus lining of your gut. (I know, mucus doesn’t sound great, but I promise you there is good mucus just like there is good bacteria, and it is very important for your well-being.) And when your gut flora is feeding on mucus, it leads to all sorts of health problems like allergies, inflammation, and even grumpiness. Hmmm, sounds a little like grandma, doesn’t it?

Feeding your microflora prebiotics by increasing your daily dietary fiber is super important, and by the way, only 3% of Americans get enough. Three percent! We are on a mission to change that with Canvas. Every bottle of Canvas has 39% of your daily recommended value of dietary fiber, giving you a leg up on those other 97%! Want to improve your overall well-being?

Drink Canvas, feed those microflora, get balanced, and go give grandma a hug.




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